Little acts of kindness at Little Brews


When we aren’t creating your tasty beverages, we can usually be found dreaming up ways to give back to the cool crew of daily customers we know and love, plus the other little businesses and community initiatives that make Christchurch so special.

Little acts of kindness add up and we thought we’d give you a dose of goodness by sharing the little acts of kindness that go on at Little Brews Espresso every day.

A tip jar that’s for good

We believe in paying it forward to our community by way of our customers’ generous tips. Every two-three months, when our tip jar is full, we give the proceeds to a little local cause. So far we have donated to lovely Martin and his dog Oscar who had to lose an eye; sponsored Ian to the Dragon Boating World Champs; and helped to re-home some huskies in Canterbury. We also donate to Forest and Bird regularly to keep our country’s flora and fauna pretty and protected.

Our latest contribution gathered by you kind and wonderful souls that we’re lucky to call customers was an amount of cash for a local business lady whose family suffered a very tragic event. She needed a helping hand to get to Brisbane during her family’s time of need and you helped to get her there!

A big thanks from our team to everyone who gives a little often to help. Your donations do good things for some very special causes.

Our next fundraiser

Next up, we would like to help raise some coin for Assistance Dogs NZ Trust. These guys train dogs to help people who struggle with various disabilities such as autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and diabetes.

Suspended coffee – help someone caffeinate

We think this is so cool! We have the odd kind Kiwi who pays for any extra coffee for either the next customer or for someone who is slightly down on their luck, or who simply needs a pick me up. How cool right? So in the next few weeks you will see these coffee dockets placed on the wall that will be known as the ‘Suspended Wall.’ Get involved to help someone who really needs a fix to get it for free.

Jo and Emma LB 13-59-06-237.jpg

We love you

These are just a couple of things that we have going on in the shop, so keep giving the love and in return, so will we.

Thanks for taking the time to read this first edition. We’re new to blogging and spicing things up by giving this writing thing a go, so we’d love your feedback.

We promise not to go too serious or long-winded, but again cheers for all the on-going support and banter.

You fellas rock and we love what we do -  it is all because of you xx

Peace out, Jo and Emma.